Volunteers are the core of our rescue

Successful rescues depend solely on its volunteers. Volunteers are always needed for a variety of projects.

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Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is so satisfying. You can make new friends, help your community, and most importantly, help save the lives of innocent dogs. When fostering is not an option, volunteering your skillset and your time can be a great way to contribute. You may be able to support an existing function or perhaps bring new ideas to our organization.

How to Volunteer

This is the easy part! Just complete our contact form, and a Ewenity representative be in touch.

Ways to Volunteer

Application Processors: Application processors are responsible for conducting veterinarian reference checks, personal reference checks, and landlord checks for potential adopters and fosters. This information is consolidated into a report that helps with the approval process. You do not need to be located within a particular region to be an application processor – all work is conducted via phone, with occasional e-mails. Depending on your availability, the time commitment can range from 1-3 hours or 3-5 hours per week.

Foster Mentoring: Many times there are people who are experienced in fostering who may not be able to foster at this time. There are opportunities to help new fosters or volunteers with questions on the rescue process, foster behavior or help fosters keep up with recurring vaccinations, paperwork or updating their dogs for the website. Someone who can quickly answer questions, take the time to find the answers to questions, or help busy fosters is a lifesaver!

Adoption Events: Whether it is hosting an adoption event or bringing a foster dog that cannot otherwise attend, we never have enough passionate volunteers. If you love to brag on dogs or teach people about your favorite breeds, this is the place for you!

Transporting Dogs: Dogs are often transported to and from areas where we do not always have volunteers. At times, we rely on volunteers to help coordinate or transport our dogs.

Fundraising/Grant Support: A rescue cannot continue without donations from its supporters and the community. We need volunteers who are able to help in acquiring grants, planning and hosting fundraisers, and creating other opportunities for generating donations.

Advertising/Marketing: Volunteers are needed to assist in developing material for advertisements, newsletters, brochures, website content, and more.

Photography: The better the images look, the more interest the dogs will get from potential adopters. We never have enough people that can take flattering photos of our foster dogs!

Social Media Support: We can always use help developing content on various social media platforms and keeping up with new trends.

Administrative Duties: Volunteers are needed to help support the administrative functions of a rescue, including application processing, phone calls, database maintenance and updates, accounting, and contract revisions.