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Gracie is a three to four-year-old Chihuahua currently being fostered in St. Petersburg, FL (Pinellas County). She was raised in a hoarding situation before we rescued her. She needs a home with other dogs (small to medium) because fellow pups give Gracie confidence and help her from being too scared. She is a skittish dog and apprehensive of everything; it takes her time to trust, and even then she requires patience from her human to keep her safe. Her foster mom has been fostering her and helping her get over her fears for some time now. Even after being in her foster home for a while, sometimes when her foster goes to pet her in the morning she can run away, scared; but if the foster pets one of her other dogs, Gracie starts to jump in, asking to get affection. In the evening she will come up for pets/affection all by herself. She LOVES to curl up with her foster mom when watching TV/sleeping, etc. She gets up and crawls under the covers in bed or sometimes curls up in her foster's lap, but any sudden move or sound she will leap 5 feet in the air and runs and hides. She just needs someone to give her the best safe space, with a companion animal also to help her confidence level. Typical of the Chi style, she can exhibit aggressive behavior to new people coming into her home.  With new animals, she can be testy at first but once comfortable within a few days, she starts loving them. Gracie is house trained, spayed, up-to-date on vaccines and preventatives, and heartworm negative. All information about the rescue and adoption can be found at:



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