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Here is how we categorize the dogs by age: Puppies/Teens are 0-1 year old, Adults are 1 year to 8 years old, Seniors are over 8 years old.

Long time rescues have been in foster care for over a year. Recent arrivals have come in the last 30 days. Needs foster means the dog needs a foster home for foster to adopt prospect.

Special needs
 and Sponsorship dogs may need special care for an illness, heart worm treatment or surgery, or may be chronically or terminally ill dogs that need lifetime care.  PLEASE NOTE:  Our Sponsorship dogs may be currently receiving treatment and ARE NOT available for adoption during treatment.  More info can be found in each dog's bio information.

Status: Sponsorship
Breed: Cattle Dog
Species/Sex: Dog/Male

Description: Meet Banjo.  He came to us broken and riddled with buckshot.  Banjo has the determination ... Click for more information...
Special needs! Please see the animal's webpage for more information.

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Status: Available
Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Great Pyrenees / Mixed (medium coat)
Species/Sex: Dog/Female

Description: Martha May is a ten-year-old, 90-lb German Shepherd mix currently being fostered in Sarasota, FL (Sa... Click for more information...

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